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Stand - one console

This wall-mounted clothes rail is incredibly versatile. For a minimalist look, the steel brackets can support a beautifully-turned piece of oak; or you can choose birch, willow or other woods to achieve that perfect natural effect. You can easily adjust the length of the rail to your own preference.

The metal elements work on the architectural principle of a lattice structure, capable of bearing a substantial load while remaining aesthetically light and airy. The result is a lightweight, geometric structure that fits your interior style, and does what it says on the box.

In the basic version, you get: two metal brackets, a 140-cm wooden pole made of solid oak, colour-coded screws and universal-size washers. It’s also possible to order the metal brackets on their own to create a rail of any length or design on your wall.

Materials: welded steel, with powder-coated surface; solid-oak pole 2.5 cm x 140 cm.


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Description - Stand - one console



Material Welded steel
Max. load 25 kg
Dimensions 20 cm
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