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The brand Martin Foret.

In the beginning, there was a bike and a life in a city. More than ever, people realize that bicycle is the perfect means of transport in a concrete jungle. It is ecological, economical, stylish, and offers an easy way to avoid traffic jams or the need to look for a parking spot. But, where will you put it when, by the end of the day, you get home? This is the question we asked ourselves. The answer is a stylish and functional solution for a variety of ways of storing (not only) a city bike in an interior with a possibility for everyone to find a variant that suits them.

We provide all the products of our portfolio with maximum care. From the drafting, so that the design goes hand in hand with functionality, to manufacturing, where we choose only high-quality materials with the same care we hone every detail. As a result of this, each of our products can reliably serve for years. Quality and minimalist design, genuineness, and sophistication are the values we stand for. It is also very important for us that every product is, in an interior, a distinctive design piece itself.

We began to write our story with the creation of HEART – a holder for a city bike that enables everyone to keep their favorite means of transport handy in their interior. It was soon followed by holders for all variety of types of bikes, and thus the Hang Bike project started.

Although bikes will always be an important element and a source of inspiration, it is time to move forward and push our ideas for quality interior design to other parts of everyday lives – with new ideas, new products and a new brand name, the name of the author: Martin Foret.

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